Friday, December 03, 2004

Barry's turn on the stand

So the other shoe drops, just as the San Francisco Chronicle planned. Makes one wonder: the grand jury testimony was in December 2003. The Chronicle publishes the material one year later -- after the baseball season is over, after all the 2004 baseball awards are announced. San Francisco is high-octane Giants territory; did the Chronicle protect the team, the season, and Barry's season, by orchestrating the release of this story?

I do not support Barry here. He is probably lying, just as Giambi has been lying. I am a Giants fan (yup, even here in upstate New York, we still prowl the National League West), and I am saddened by all this. Barry's friends, particularly Victor Conte in his interview tonight, come across as self-righteous and arrogant.

Every party, even the Chronicle, has been scripting this story to their advantage. Such actions taint everyone; the song remains the same, a noisy dance macabre.

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