Monday, February 14, 2005

Pink is the new Red

Pink is the new Red.
Red has been the traditional color on Valentines Day. It represents the heart, the traditional symbol for the day of love.
Red is an aggressive color. It is bright, powerful; it outshines and overwhelms any other adjacent color. Red is typically paired sartorially with white or black. There is a clear reason for this: white and black represent either the absence or presence of all color, and no other shade or tint can compete with the glare of red.
The heart itself is a pulsing organ, providing the power that propels lifeforce to the entire human body. It pushes adrenaline, ramps up desire – creates passion.
Love should not carry that same powerful, aggressive, overwhelming connotation. Love is not the emotion of power, force, and attack. Love is an unselfish emotion of giving, with no expectation from the object of its intent.
Love is light and passion modified, softened. Love is pink.
Red is power and passion.
Pink is sharing and accepting, sensual touch and caring.
Pink is a better representative for Valentines Day.
Somebody call Hallmark.

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