Saturday, May 28, 2005

Birthdays and Holidays

From CBS Early Morning this morning: Las Vegas is the ‘most requested’ travel destination for the Memorial Day weekend.

So the most popular location to spend a few days is a booming town in the middle of the desert that features gambling as its largest industry.

I hope many of those travelers are selecting this destination because it is a central hub to visit national parks, and that flights and hotel rooms are cheap. Wishful thinking?

Today is Andrew’s 18th birthday. On the same day, our daughter Erin is moving to Atlanta – for four months, or for 7 months, depending upon myriad variables – where she and her fiancé, Frank, will set up home. And this morning, Pam is in robe and square hat as part of the Community College faculty for graduation. A day charged with emotional transitions.

We all come together at 6PM for Andrew’s birthday picnic with friends and neighbors. After dinner, we will visit the Saratoga Racino. After all, you can gamble once you turn 18 in this country….Our travel destination for Memorial Day weekend.

So? We’ll have fun with the irony of it all.

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