Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Oligarch's Board of Directors

Theodore Roosevelt warned a century ago of the subversive influence of money in politics. He said the central fact in his time was that big business had become so dominant it would chew up democracy and spit it out. The power of corporations, he said, had to be balanced with the interest of the general public. That warning was echoed by his cousin Franklin, who said a "government by organized money is as much to be feared as a government by organized mob." Both Roosevelt's rose to that challenge in their day. But a hundred years later mighty corporations are once again the undisputed overlords of government. Follow the money and you are inside the inner sanctum of the Business Roundtable, the National Association of Manufacturers, and the American Petroleum Institute. Here is the super board of directors for Bush, Incorporated.
Bill Moyers, in a speech before the Society of Environmental Journalists, 10-1-05.

Moyers has a name for the core members of the Bush Oligarchy, the ‘super board of directors’. These are the folk who, together with George Sr and his advisors, selected the son, propped him up, and ran him for the highest office in the land, the leader of the most powerful economic and military force in the world.

We have three more years to live with this. Hopefully, the damage can be undone after the election of 2008.

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