Saturday, November 19, 2005

Pat Robertson Spans the Generations

An earthquake shook the Boston area 250 years ago. Many preachers of the time claimed that this was God’s wrath because so many New Englanders had erected lightning rods on their homes and barns – to stave off the previous way that God shook his fist. Benjamin Franklin, who had made his name and reputation with those lightening rods, scoffed at the idea. Why was it acceptable to build a roof to keep out the rain but blasphemy to place a rod upon the roof to keep out the lightning?

Preachers of the time probably took some delight in the fact that the earthquake knocked over a distaller’s cistern and destroyed the building in which it was housed.

Last week, Pat Robertson smote the residents of Dover, Pennsylvania for voting out the school board members who supported intelligent design. He suggested that they next time they needed help after a disaster, God might not be there because they voted him out of town.

Amazing that such ignorance can still be preached 250 years later, in the same country.

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