Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Poetry Thursday -- a day early

September Breaks

The day opens with summer:
the sun teases morning mist out of the grass,
the sky hues to a darker blue as it warms towards mid-day.
But the seasons are fleeting
and they tread on each other’s feet;
dark clouds rumble in
and bring the colors of fall.
Some of us look up and sigh,
resigned to the downslide of cold skies and snow
Others will ride the exploding colors
that brighten the crisper northeastern days.


madd said...

made me take a moment to remember the smell and look of fall, the things I miss living in the south having moved from the north...thanks

Beloved dreamer said...

The end of summer is for me the begining not the end. Fall with it's nip in the air is filled with life and promise.
Well done. It makes fall come alive.


Anonymous said...

You write like a master poet!
A truly mesmerizing poem!