Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Stuck in the Middle

Gerry Rafferty is an asterisk on the music compendium of the early 1970s.

Yet, Dave and I had our memories triggered on the way home from work today.  NPR's 'All Things Considered' did a short story about Rafferty, who died at 63 today.

First semester, freshman year, Lycoming College, fall 1972.  The corner of Washington Boulevard and Franklin Street, Williamsport.  Late night trips to the small sub shop.  The jukebox inevitably playing "Stuck in the Middle with You" -- mainly because one of the football lineman, who frequented the place at the same time, loved that song.  Infectious song, one of those that took over the music memory socket in your head and did not let go -- like his other songs,  "Baker Street", "Get It Right Next Time".

A producer on 'ATC' probably had memories triggered upon the news of Rafferty's death.  So Gerry gets a few more minutes of fame, and another few thousand minds are humming along.

I believe a sub shop still occupies that corner.  I may go find out; I got a note today from my history professor at Lycoming, inviting me to speak to a seminar class.

A song hook, a sub shop, and Dr. Larson, all within a few hours.  Threads link so many things in life, in the shortest of timespans.

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lablawyer said...

Unfortunately, the primary association this song has for me is the torture scene from "Reservoir Dogs."df