Sunday, October 07, 2012

End of the Season, 2012

So much for my baseball analysis skills.  I assumed Valentine had control over player decisions on the field, would have a say in what type of player he wanted, and told the front office to get rid of the dead weight.  Wrong.  Apparently the situation was truly chaotic, and Valentine had control over very little. He was fired less than 24 hours after the season ended.

Meanwhile, the second season has begun.  My Giants face the Reds, which will be a tall order in Cincinnati’s home bandbox, which favors their power hitters.

I’m rooting for and orange and black World Series:  San Francisco against Baltimore.


Dennis said...

And I'm rooting for a Red and Orange one -- Nationals vs. Orioles. A Beltway Series.

Dennis said...

Though a Black and Red NLCS would be fine.