Sunday, April 08, 2012

April is not the Cruelest Month

Spring.  I spend more time staring at the sunshine-enveloped picture out my office window.  White branches.  Green dots on outreached brown limbs.  Clean slate walks cutting through green lawn in Academy Park.  Hudson River trying to reclaim its natural place among the intrusion of roads and ramps that block the way.

April holds all the promise of life.  By the end of June, nature has pushed all its plants through the reenergized earth, the sun hangs around longer each day to supply warmth, and we humans spend less time within our protective walls.

Of course, April also brings Opening Day.  Major League Baseball has diluted that event, but such a marketing move was inevitable.  Those of us already hooked on baseball don't need the national ritual to remain fans.  So it is not surprising that there are numerous 'opening days'.  An interesting historical perspective can be found here.

Go Giants.