Monday, January 10, 2005

Advertising Government

“Build your business. Right here. Right now. In lower Manhattan.”

A commercial narrated by New York Governor Pataki. Very visual, colorful. Captures the skyline, streetscape, and the diversity of the city’s people. Simple background piano music. Straightforward, lyrical narrative about recovery and progress. An eye-catching, simple message – very effective. The last picture includes an “I Heart NY Business” graphic, which means this is probably the first of a number of commercials under this banner.

Naturally, Pataki will be accused of using state resources to advance his political career. But he isn’t eligible for reelection until 2006, and he has stated that he will decide on running for a fourth term sometime in the summer.

I shudder at politicians who use taxpayer money for marketing purposes that smack of opportunistic self-aggrandizement. But this commercial has an effective message: lower Manhattan was bombed , but it never lost its place as a center of world commerce. And it is still a beautiful place for people to work.

Well, some people…Not my kind of place, but that’s my upbringing….

Shows how much I know: the press release announcing this campaign is from October 2003 ( . Guess I don’t watch the right television stations to catch these!

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