Monday, January 03, 2005

The President Hears the Cries

We have to give credit to someone when he earns it. President Bush appointed his immediate two predecessors as ambassadors to raise funds for victims of the tsunami disaster. This gives the effort a high integrity quotient. Both George H.W. and Bill gained a great deal of respect from the business sector during their tenure in the White House.

The Bush business community will ante up. They helped get his son elected, and he has been everything they wished for, and more. His Dad knocked on all their corporate doors in ’00 and ’04. Those doors will open again for this effort.

Both Bush Sr. and Clinton also have many friends in the international community. They both built many cooperative arrangements with other countries, and negotiated fairly during a time when American commerce became an unfettered dominant force. Bush Sr. and Clinton carry diplomatic tools that George Fils couldn’t even comprehend.

Of course, George Jr sent his brother Jeb to the stricken areas. He even dispatched Colin Powell to be his tour guide and tutor. Sumatra, Sri Lanka, and Thailand will look much different than Florida after a hurricane. All that’s lacking on this trip is the ‘Jeb ‘08’ bumper stickers on the side of the helicopters.

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